Lync Audio Test Services not Running Event-ID 32003


So I had an interesting error today at work. When I tried to use the “Check Call” feature in the Lync Client to check for the quality of the voice call, I got a lovely error saying “Operation unsuccessful”

So I was happy (because I rarely have problem or tickets regarding my Lync Infrastructure at work ).

Cause of Problem

I start logging on my Lync Client to read the logs, and I got the saw the following:

504 server time-out, so I looked at the SIP message of this error

So my eyes were searching for the line ms-diagnostics as this usually give you an idea about the problem or at least the source of the problem so you know

Where to look, and man I was lucky, I found out it says “pool server is out of services and having the FQDN of my pool, so logged into both my front ends, start the services msc, and found out that guess what? Audio Test services is not started?

So I started it manually, and the loading bar reached half of the bar and start getting slower so I knew it will not start. And I was right.

So checked the event viewer for errors, and found the event with ID 32003 and source LS application server:


I know this error and faced it a couple of times, especially when the SIP-domain is not the same as your Domain name, which was the case for me, my company uses the sip domain let’s say while our internal domain is totally different let’s say “Lyncdude-lab.local”.

What happen here is in the configuration Partition of the Active directory, the Audio test services gets a Primary user SIP-address and Proxy address @<sip-domain>, which wasn’t happening in my case, for some reason both had a value @lyncdude-lab.local instead of, which why the service is not starting.


  1. On your Lync Front end run get-CSAudiotestserviceApplication command line from the Lync Management Shell, check the value of the SIP-address
  2. Get the identity of the Audio test service should be a big number with letters and dashes in it.
  3. If this command didn’t return any value then we have to use the old way
  4. Using the ADSI edit tool, connect to the “Configuration Partition”
  5. Go to services >> RTCservices >> application contacts
  6. Look into each one of those entries you see to find the Audio test service, you do that by right click each one >> properities then look for the attribute “Display Name”, it should shows “Audio test service”
  7. 4
  8. Then scroll down till you find the attribute msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress, make sure that the value of this attribute is correct by making sure that it ends with @<SIP-domain> not @<your-domain> , so in my case it was @lyncdude-lab.local which is wrong, I changed it to
  9. 5
  10. Before you click OK, copy the new value.
  11. Then scroll farther down till you find the attribute Proxyaddress, you will see that it also has a wrong value, correct it using the same way, by double clicking it, then paste the value you copied and remove the old wrong one.
  12. Hit enter
  13. Hit apply

Give it a sec then try to start the Audio test service again, it should work now.

Author: Lyncdude

A Senior Service Engineer with more than 9 years of experience in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync Server / Skype for Business. Egyptian guy lives and works in Frankfurt - Germany. what is written in this blog is my own opinion and thoughts, not my employer and does not reflect their opinion

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