Publishing Microsoft Lync 2013 URLs & Webs services using KEMP


As it look like KEMP is going to be one of the official ways to publish your Lync 2013 URLs, Mobility and web Services.

So I looked around contacted KEMP to know what can this solution provide for us, as we are planning to replace our TMG solution with another Reverse proxy solution.

They recommended that I download the new VLM-5000 (Virtual LoadMaster) and give it a try. So I did that, I created a Virtual Lync Lab on Hyper-V and downloaded the new VLM-5000 from here:

Good thing about that is they give you the option to choose your virtualization solution (Hyper-V or VM or Vbox…etc.)

I created two virtual VLANs on my Hyper-V, One for Internal Network, and one DMZ, the DMZ I will use to give IP-address to the VLM which will be NAT-ed to Public IP on my Firewall.

Deploying VLM-5000 & Basic Configurations

So once you downloaded the VLM use the guide comes with it to Import the Virtual machine in Hyper-V and attach the correct Network to the VM.

· After turning on the VM, and the OS is booted, you should find the IP-address of VLM in the Screen as shown here


· By default VLM if couldn’t contact your DHCP get the IP-address

· Use the URL to access the web portal of your VLM

· The default username and password are

Username: bal

Password: 1fourall

· Once in, in the left Menu, go to “Server Configuration” and under “Interface” click on the Network Card eth0 to configure it

· Now configure the correct IP-address you want to assign to the VLM in your Internal Network, in my case it’s (/22 is the subnet of the network)


· Next configure the VLM hostname, DNS IP-address, and name

· So in Left menu, under Local DNS Configuration click on “Hostname Configuration”

· Assign a Hostname for your VLM


· In Left menu again, click on “DNS Configuration”

· In First Field “DNS NameServer IP address” put the IP-address(ES) of your DNS servers.

· In the Search Domain Field, put the name of your Domain


· In left Menu, click on “Route Management”, and under it click on “Default Gateway”

· Put the IP-address of your default gateway.


· Under system Administration you can change the Password of the default account of the VLM

Publish Lync (Create a Virtual Service)

To Publish Lync URLs or mobility you need DMZ IP-address that is NAT-ed to a Public IP-address. With KEMP Creating a Virtual Server is the way of configuring a DMZ IP-address to be used for Lync URLs or Mobility, so basically you are configuring a DMZ IP-address not a virtual server.

So I will be using an IP-address in the DMZ of which will be NAT-ed to a public IP-address using my firewall.

· So in Left menu up, click on “Virtual Services”

· Then click under “Virtual Services”, “Add New”

· Put the DMZ IP-address you will be using


· Set the Port to 443

· And give the name of your services “LyncWeb, LyncMobility…etc.”

· Click “Add this Virtual Service”

· This should takes you automatically to the configuration Page of the Virtual service you just created

· Make sure the Service name is correct, and that HTTP/HTTPS is selected


· Expand the “Standard Options” menu

· Uncheck the “Transparency” box, and Check the “Use Address for Server NAT”


· Next, Expand the “SSL Prosperities” menu and check the box says “Reencrypt” you will get a warning pop up, click ok



· Click on Add new and add the Public Certificate your created

· And add the Intermediated Certificate too.

· Now jump to the “Real Server” menu and expand it

· Click “Add new”

· Add the IP-address of your Lync Front-End Server

· Change the Port to 4443

· Forward method should be “NAT”

· Click “Add this Real Server

· And back on the “Real Server” page, make sure that the port is changed to 4443

· Make sure th

· at “HTTP Method” is set to “GET”

Well that is all you need to configure do.

Author: Lyncdude

A Senior Service Engineer with more than 9 years of experience in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync Server / Skype for Business. Egyptian guy lives and works in Frankfurt - Germany. what is written in this blog is my own opinion and thoughts, not my employer and does not reflect their opinion

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