Skype for business Event ID 1047 LS File Transfer Agent


During a deployment at a customer site i ran into a problem with SkypeFB Edge replication.

After adding the Edge to the topology, installing the role on the server and enable remote access and federation i found that the replication is not happening, or at least that what I though.


So i started troubleshooting the problem starting with just making sure the replication is really not happening by running the PowerShell command line

> Get-CSManagementStoreReplicationStatus

And i got same results replication showed an False

Next I started the Event Viewer and looked for any related errors and i found Event ID 1047 “LS File Transfer Agent Service”

Ok so it is something with HTTP traffic that what came to mind, i started telnet-ing to the Edge on port 4443 to see if it is opening and Edge actually listening, it worked, so next i fired up the browser and put in the URL

https://<Edge FQDN>:4443/replicationwebservice

It opened the replication web service for me, so what was the problem? Why it showed red and false in the replication status?


According to Microsoft, this is by design of the Schannel component of the Windows Server OS, problem related to the Authentication Trusted Mode.


This is fixed by editing the registry key of the Edge server (Make sure to take backup of your Registry key before continuing)

  1. Open Regedit on the Edge server
  2. Go to HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSecurityProvidersSCHANNEL
  3. Right click and add the DWORD (ClientAuthTrustMode)
  4. Set the value of the DWORD to 2
  5. Restart the server

Confirm it is working

Run the following command line to invoke the replication between the servers

> Invoke-CSManagementStoreReplication

Wait a couple of minutes and check the status of the replication again using the PowerShell command line

> Get-CSManagementStoreReplicationStatus

It is showing True, now using the SkypeFB control panel i double checked and also it confirmed the replication status

Hope it helps 🙂

Till next time

Author: Lyncdude

A Senior Service Engineer with more than 9 years of experience in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync Server / Skype for Business. Egyptian guy lives and works in Frankfurt - Germany. what is written in this blog is my own opinion and thoughts, not my employer and does not reflect their opinion

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