Understand Lync Databases


I had free time in the holidays that I spent playing around with databases of Lync and took notes of what I found and learned and decided to put them in an article to be used as a…let’s say Lync databases anatomy, I’ll be talking about a simple Lync pool installation and databases included with it.

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Simple Understanding of Lync/Skype For Business Windows Fabric & Failover


I saw a scary number of Lync 2013 deployments in the last 8 months where the Lync is deployed using an Enterprise pool with only two front end servers, even I saw a couple that have an Enterprise pool with only one front end server, yes you read that right, only one front end server.

So I decided to write another post of my “Simple Understanding” article series aimed to explain the Lync 2013 server architecture, how it utilize windows fabric for high availability and why you should not deploy a 2 nodes Enterprise Edition pool, I’ll try to use small words and simple explanations as I can.

I’m planning also to use this article as a guide to share with customers which have an existing Lync deployment or considering Lync to help them in their decisions.

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Lync 2013 SQL Mirroring Troubleshooting


after installing Lync server 2013 CU on Lync servers, time came to apply the updates to the SQL backend, checking the topology, I found that the SQL backend is mirrored.

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Lync–Skype Video call is finally here


It is finally here, according to Microsoft Official announcement it looks like with the latest Skype for Windows computer update (download it here) it is possible to make Lync – Skype video calls.

initial testing shows that it is working only between Lync 2013 Mobile & Desktop clients & Skype windows desktop client, testing with Skype iOS and Android did not work, and I don’t use Apple Mac books so here you go Smile

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November 2014 Update for Lync 2013 Client


Microsoft just released November 2014 update for Lync 2013 clients which can be downloaded from the following links

this update fixes the following problems

  • 3010340 Video freezes consistently for two second-intervals when you make a video call in Lync 2013
  • 3009723 Incorrect format of string in a trace statement when application sharing session viewers stop viewing in a conference
  • 3009722 Memory leak occurs when you start a peer-to-peer application sharing session in Lync 2013
  • 3009721 Lync 2013 crashes when you join a meeting that is hosted on Lync Server 2010 as an anonymous user
  • 3009719 Lync 2013 freezes when a toast notification of a call appears

details can be found in the release article here

Exchange Voicemail not working with Lync Simultaneous ringing to PSTN number


last week I had an annoying problem with Exchange, Lync and PSTN, when a user have simultaneous ringing enabled to his/her mobile number and they don’t answer the call, the call get disconnected or get forwarded to the Cell network Voicemail instead of Exchange Voicemail.

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Migrate Lync 2013 Standalone SQL Store to SQL Mirrored Store Step – By – Step PART-II


In Part-I I wrote about what we can call “Preparation” to migrate the standalone SQL to Mirrored SQL,

Next is to define new SQL Mirrored Store for the enterprise Pool, install the mirrored database and move back the Central management store and server back to the Enterprise Pool and decommission the Standard Edition Pool.

Note: again, I had to do that, because my client wanted to decommission the current Standalone SQL hosting the Lync Enterprise SQL store, and used also by other technologies, they wanted to move the database to dedicated SQL store used only by Lync.

If you just want to make your Standalone SQL a Mirrored SQL store, all you need is to prepare one more SQL 2012 Server (or two in case you want a witness for Automatic failover – check Part-I) and carry on with following steps without moving the CMS to another Pool.

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Migrate Lync 2013 Standalone SQL to SQL Mirrored Store Step – By – Step PART-I


I got a request to move the SQL backend store of a Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition pool deployment, from a standalone to a dedicated Mirrored SQL Servers Store for high availability.

Was an interesting task as I am very bad with SQL technologies, so I researched and did my homework and tested it in my lab, before I applied it to the customer which was a good success, so I thought I will write a How-to , step by step to the point guide to help anyone that might have to do so one day 🙂

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The Complete guide to Troubleshoot Lync/Skype for business – Outlook Clients Integration


I’ve been busy with too many deployments and onsite support and when have time try to help out the Lync Community via Lync TechNet forum.

While doing that I noticed how many open threads and questions are out there about integration problems between Lync client and Outlook 2010 / 2013 clients.

So I decided to gather all problems, how to troubleshoot and solutions about this particular problem and put them in one article and will be updating this post whenever I find something new regarding this topic some steps are suggested by me, some by other Lync expert out there.

Common Problems

So will start be listing common problems that I faced in my day – to – day work

  1.  Authentication Prompt
  2. Warning icon in Lync
  3. Conversation History not saved
  4. Cannot reply with IM or see the presence of user in outlook
  5. Cannot schedule an Online Meeting
  6. Lync Client not showing Missed calls
  7. Cannot lookup users in Lync Client
  8. Duplicate contacts in Lync when search for someone

I will be updating this post as more problem / solutions are reported or faced that were not mentioned above.

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Lync 2010 Edge to Lync 2013 Edge Migration


In my last article I wrote about how to Migrate from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013, and configure the legacy Lync 2010 Edge to be used for the new Lync 2013 pool.

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